Parent Volunteer

Parent helpers are a valuable asset to our school. When working in the school, parent helpers should do so on the understanding that their role is to support the teachers and the school’s program. If you would like to be a parent helper/volunteer we request that you follow these guidelines to ensure a successful experience for all.


  • Contact Julie Drake at to inquire about a required background check.
  • Do not pass opinions on such matters as discipline or teaching styles outside the classroom or school.
  • Avoid comparing children and their work.
  • Do not read any child’s communication book or diary.
  • Do not text or approach a parent of a child after assisting in the classroom.
  • Give all children equal time and attention where possible.
  • Encourage children to be independent - we expect children to try everything themselves before we help them.
  • Be aware that you may not always be working with your own child.
  • Do not lift, carry or move a child in any way.
  • Tell the classroom teacher if a child discusses a matter that concerns you.
  • Be aware that some days/times may not suit individual classroom teachers.
  • Do not bring siblings while you are volunteering.

Confidentiality is essential for all parent helpers working within the school. You may see children struggling with work, becoming upset or misbehaving. You might also hear/see other information concerning a child while you are helping at school. It is vital that you do not share anything about specific children other than with the classroom teacher. The class teacher has the responsibility of informing parents of any concerns about a child.