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In an effort to further enhance safety across the North Little Rock School District, Dr. Gregory J. Pilewski, the Superintendent of the North Little Rock School District, and Patrick Thessing, Chief of Police for the City of North Little Rock, have developed a School Safety Task Force Committee, made up of parents, mental health professionals, medical practitioners, and law enforcement leaders.  The creation of this committee is another aspect of the reorganization of the Safety Services Department, which the North Little Rock Board of Education approved this summer.  In summary, the reorganization led the way for armed, commissioned school security officers at each campus.

Members of the North Little Rock Board of Education recommended a stakeholder from their respective zone to the committee.  In addition, a mental health professional and a pediatrician, who are also parents of students in the North Little Rock School District, are part of the committee.

The School Safety Task Force Committee is made up of the following individuals:

  • Ms. Patricia Brewer, Zone 1

  • Ms. Sonya Irving, Zone 2

  • Mrs. Ruby Machelle Steward-Brown, Zone 3

  • Mr. Charles Jones, Zone 4

  • Ms. Stephanie Whitaker, Zone 5

  • Mr. James Wilson, Zone 6

  • Mr. Scott Adams, Zone 7

  • Ms. Katie Walker, Parent/Mental Health Professional

  • Dr. Ashley Davis, Parent/Pediatrician

Chief Hayward Finks, Director of Safety Services for the North Little Rock School District, will join Dr. Pilewski and Chief Thessing as a co-chair for the committee.

This committee will meet monthly.  They have been charged with studying the physical and mental safety of students throughout the district and with examining the layout of campuses and identifying potential safety breaches.  The group will make recommendations to the co-chairs on the improvements that need to be addressed to keep our students and staff safe.  The committee will also review the findings outlined in the Arkansas School Safety Commission report to incorporate within the district.

“I look forward to working with these parents, community members, and supporters of our district surrounding this all-important issue of safety.  While our school district is hyperfocused on teaching and learning, the safety of our students and staff has to be top priority.  This committee will help us to keep safety at the forefront as I am honored to work alongside Chief Thessing and Chief Finks as we engage with our community in this important work.” said Dr. Gregory J. Pilewski.

“The safety of the students and staff in the North Little Rock School District is one of the top

priorities for not only myself, but for all the officers of the North Little Rock Police Department. The creation of this task force will provide a comprehensive approach to safety and security for all who work and attend school in the district. I am proud of our partnership with Dr. Pilewski and Chief Finks, and I am honored to be part of this committee as it will only further strengthen our bonds with our North Little Rock family.” said Chief Patrick Thessing.