NLRMS Spotlight

"You should come to my school because it is a good environment. You get the help you need to succeed." - Jason Singh

-North Little Rock Middle

Indian Hills Elem

"You should come to Indian Hills because the teachers are nice and they try their best to help you learn." -Aubrey Veasley

-Indian Hills Elementary

Crestwood Elem

"The teachers are really nice, and they give you good advice." -Vaden Vent,

-Crestwood Elementary

NLR Junior Jordan Randle

"We have the most opportunities for you to choose while in high school and after graduation. It's a great environment." -Jordan Randle

-NLR Center of Excellence

Brayden Owen

"You should choose my school because the teachers are friendly and helpful."-Brayden Owen

-Amboy Elementary

LeBron Brockman

"This is the best school to get smart."-LeBron Brockman

-Boone Park Elementary

Maura Bautista-Lucas

"My school has a variety of activities you can be a part of. We have nice teachers."-Maura Bautista-Lucas

-Glenview Elementary

Anna Custer

"This school is diverse, and they offer a variety of courses to prepare you for your future."- Anna Custer

-North Little Rock High

Allison Ryan

"You get to learn and have fun at the same time."-Allison Ryan

-Meadow Park Elementary

Brayden Henschel

"They care about the children here. They teach us good stuff, and they help you with things you're not good at so that you can get better."-Brayden Henschel

-Seventh Street Elementary

Amelia Alexander

"Ridge Road has been where I've met my best friends and favorite teachers. I know I'll always be thankful for what they taught me."-Amelia Alexander

-Ridge Road Elementary

Sheril Gomez

"It's a cool school, and the teachers help us to learn. You really feel welcomed here."-Sheril Gomez

-North Little Rock Middle