Dr. Rochelle Redus will serve as the 2021-2022 President of the North Little Rock Board of Education.

Redus represents Zone 3 on the Board, which encompasses Boone Park Elementary School. 

Redus is a product of the North Little Rock School District, having graduated from Northeast High School.  She earned a Doctor of Education Degree from Grand Canyon University in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Behavioral Health. 

Redus has recently published a book entitled No Longer Broken, which addresses mental health and suicide awareness.

Redus is married to her husband, Reginald.  They have a daughter who teaches in the district.  The Reduses also have two grandchildren enrolled in the district.  

Dr. Redus, along with Mr. Tracy Steele, Mrs. Cindy Temple, Mrs. Natalie Wankum, took the oath of office to begin their new terms on the Board of Education.  All four were unopposed in the most recent election for school board members.  

Other leadership roles include Mrs. Dorothy Williams, Vice President; Ms. Angela Person-West, Secretary; Mr. J.T. Zakrzewski, Parliamentarian; Ms. Cindy Temple, Disbursing Officer; and Mr. Tracy Steele, Legislative Liaison.

Board members voted among themselves for new leadership roles, per board policy.