Faculty and staff have chalked up more than a million dollars worth of energy-saving behavior. Their energy-efficient changes have achieved significant savings — and those good habits have earned North Little Rock School District national recognition by earning Cenergistic’s Energy Excellence award which was presented to the district at their April 15th board meeting.

North Little Rock School District saved $1,134,000 in just over two years with an innovative organizational behavior-based energy conservation and management program through a strategic alliance with Cenergistic, the national energy conservation company presenting the award.

“Reaching this savings mark is a significant milestone,” said Dr. William S. Spears, CEO - Founder of Cenergistic. “North Little Rock School District has achieved success by consistently implementing a comprehensive approach to energy conservation and maintaining productive efforts at all levels of the organization. Superintendent Dr. Greg Pilewski and the board, with other administration, faculty and staff members are to be commended for clearly fulfilling their commitment to being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money and the environment.”

Dr. Gregory J. Pilewski, Superintendent of the North Little Rock School District, and Cindy Temple, President of the NLR Board of Education, accept a plaque and banner from Cenergistic officials. 

The program delivers financial savings as well as an environmental benefit from reduced carbon footprint. Energy not used prevents the emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. According to EPA/EGrid figures, since the program began, North Little Rock School District has prevented carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 18 million miles not driven, or 125,500 pine trees grown for 10 years.

North Little Rock School District’s comprehensive behavior-based energy conservation program addresses energy use throughout the district. Energy Specialist Robert Glover works closely district personnel as well as Cenergistic engineers and experts to continually optimize systems and schedules. They monitor energy use with advanced technology and shape organizational behavior through education — affecting how each person in the organization understands, uses and saves energy for years to come. The outcome is healthier, more efficient buildings using less energy — and lower related costs.

Cenergistic client energy conservation programs have saved more than $6 billion for educational, governmental and ministerial organizations since 1986. This customized energy conservation management approach provides clients more control over energy use with no upfront costs, no new equipment, and no equipment retrofits.