A number of students in the North Little Rock School District will benefit from some creative learning techniques to make lessons come alive.  This is because of more than $10,000 in donations presented to various schools by the North Little Rock Public Education Foundation. 

Each year, the organization sponsors Innovative Teaching Grants, which is an opportunity for teachers and staff members to apply for funding to support creative projects that enhances the learning experience for students that would not otherwise be paid for with district funds.

A group of community members reads through the applications and decides which projects are funded.  The organization then surprises the teachers or staff members on campus and presents them with the money.

This year's grant recipients include the following:  

Leslie Stacy and Stefanie Arnold, Dyslexia Interventionists:  This Is Me, a literacy project.

Boone Park 
Courtney Hastings:  
"Inquisitive Engineers," a STEAM/Literacy project.
Angie Haustein, Speech Language Pathologist:  "Visual Learning in Digital World"
Claudia Moran (Occupational Therapist) and Ashley Hanan (Physical Therapist):  "Life Size Peg Board"
Ruth Peterson:  "The Blooming Schoolyard," a STEAM project.

Heather Theodore (Gifted and Talented Facilitator) and Lindsey Harvey (STEAM Facilitator): “Watch Our Garden Grow”

Jamie Freyanldenhoven, Art Teacher:  "Baskets Galore," a project to allow 5th grade students to learn to weave their own baskets while learning about the Caddo and Quapaw Indians of Arkansas.

North Little Rock High School
Nevaeh McFelson (student) and Stanley Whisnant (EAST Facilitator):  EAST for Elementary, which funds projects to incorporate EAST sessions at the district's elementary schools. 

Pike View
Danniell Homan, Jess Anthony and Maribel Siems:  I Like Big Books and I Can Not Lie, a literacy project

Ridge Road
Rachel Hritz and Meredith Shipman:  "Ear Buds for Our Buddies"

Lisa Harrison:  "Creative Tech Spin with Blended Learners"

Both projects are centered around technology to enhance learning, productivity and creativity in the classroom.

Seventh Street
Peggy Watson, Larissa Robinson, and Megan Anthony:  "Equitable Technology Made Fun," a project for the district's third grade students.

Amy Woodsmall and Adrienne Durham:  "Extra Hand Please," a project for the school's fourth and fifth grade students.

North Little Rock School District Annex
Melissa Cannon and Marcia Dean:  "WIAT-4 School Psychology Specialists," a project to help school psychology specialists screen and evaluate students for with learning challenges.