Opportunity Culture:  Teaching, Leading, Learning

Opportunity Culture is an initiative being implemented at the 6th grade campus of the middle school.   Further implementation for the 7th and 8th grade will occur during 2018-2019 school year.  Below are a few videos that will provide an overview of Opportunity Culture.  

Opportunity Culture: Teaching, Leading, Learning – Introductory motion graphic which explains OC, but does not include teacher voices.

I Want to Be Like Karen – Interviews of a first year teacher and an MCL. This video is a feel-good video that does a good job showing how MCLs support other teachers.

From Action Plan to Teacher of the Year—In One Year: A Teacher’s Journey and the Teacher-Leader Who Got Her There – This video touches on how an MCL supported another teacher, helping her grow to become Teacher of the Year.

What Could You Do in an Opportunity Culture? – This video is a nice introduction, explaining the perks of OC in general.