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Kistene Scarver, Administrative Assistant to the Director


Transportation Guidelines


Because of safety considerations on school buses and at bus stops, students shall be required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with established standards for behavior. Video cameras may be used to record student behavior on the buses.

When a student does not conduct himself/herself properly on a school bus or at a bus stop, such instances shall be brought to the attention of the building principal by the bus driver. The building principal shall inform the parents immediately of the misconduct and seek their cooperation in controlling the student’s behavior. The principal shall discipline guilty students as deemed appropriate. In an emergency situation, the Director or Supervisor of Transportation may suspend a student from riding the bus the next morning after a student’s misbehavior.

A student who becomes a serious disciplinary problem on the school bus may have transportation privileges suspended or terminated. In such cases, the parents of the students involved shall become responsible for seeing that their children get to and from school. A bus suspension or termination prohibits him/her from riding another North Little Rock School District bus.


The purpose of the Student Transportation Regulations for the North Little Rock School District is to provide the safest, most efficient transportation possible for students. Student transportation is the responsibility of the entire community and requires the cooperation of all students, parents, school personnel, and citizens who drive on the streets in the presence of the school buses. Students and parents are asked to read these regulations carefully. They must be followed if we are to provide safe, efficient transportation for the students of this District.

Disciplinary Actions

Violation of the below regulations may result in the following disciplinary actions:

First Offense: Written warning

Second Offense: Conference with parent (Failure of the parent to attend the conference may or may not result in bus suspension.)

Third Offense: Bus suspension for three (3) to five (5) days

Fourth Offense: Bus suspension for six (6) to ten (10) days

Fighting on the bus or at the bus stop (secondary students only) may result in a bus suspension for the remainder of the school year.

If you break any safety regulation, you may be automatically suspended from the bus.

Meeting the Bus

Be at the bus stop ten (10) minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Do not arrive earlier than ten (10) minutes beforehand.

If you must cross the road or highway to enter the bus, try always to be on the right side of the road waiting for the bus.

If you should arrive at the stop just as the bus approaches the stop, wait until the bus has come to a complete stop and the driver has signaled for you to cross in front of the bus (unless the driver directs you differently).

Respect the property rights of others while waiting for the bus.

Do not litter or make unnecessary noise.

Do not gather under carports, on porches, or on lawns without permission.

Stand back at least ten (10) feet from the bus stop and do not approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop and the door is opened.

If you miss the bus, do not walk or ride another bus to school. Once the bus leaves the bus stop, it will not load or unload students until the next designated stop. Do not try to stop the bus after it leaves the bus stop; you will be endangering the other students, the driver, and people in cars. The driver will report this to the principal and the supervisor of transportation. They will decide the appropriate disciplinary action, which may include suspension from the bus for the school year. You may have to walk to school or find some other way to get to school every day.

Entering and Leaving the Bus

Unauthorized entry of a school bus is a violation of Arkansas State Law, Act 247 of 2005.

Students will board and depart the bus only at their assigned stops. Enter and leave the bus quickly and in an orderly manner.

Do not enter or leave the school bus by the back door except in the case of an emergency or unless directed to do so by the driver.

If you must cross the road after leaving the bus, go to a point on the shoulder of the road ten (10) feet in front of the bus. Cross the road only after the driver or the crossing guard has signaled you to do so.

If you drop any object (book, paper, pencil) while leaving the bus, do not attempt to retrieve the object until the bus has left the scene and the street is clear of other vehicles.

The NLRSD does not provide transportation to daycare centers, after school programs, city run Community Centers, sites of Boy's and Girl's Clubs, or other arrangements made by the

parents of students who do not have an IEP. The Director of Transportation may establish courtesy stops near these areas to assist parents and students, but the bus driver does not have any responsibility to see that the child actually enters the center and/or is received by an employee or care-giver at the center. On the days that these programs are closed, the bus will make the designated stop as there may be students utilizing that stop, or parents may have made arrangements to meet the bus there. However, parents are responsible for knowing the schedule and making alternative arrangements for their children on those days.

Riding the Bus

Ride only the bus to which you are assigned. You are not allowed to ride a different bus except in an emergency. Permission must be secured in advance from the school principal and/or the director of transportation.

Visitors are not allowed to ride the bus except in an emergency. Permission must be secured from the school principal and/or supervisor of transportation. Permission will only be granted by the principal and/or supervisor of transportation to adults that are registered volunteers with North Little Rock School District.

Do not take anything on the bus that could be used as a weapon such as a knife, firearm, sharp object, or a club.

The use of electronic devices such as cell phones, beepers, cameras, ipods, etc. are not allowed to be used on school buses when the bus is engaged in the daily transporting of students to and from school and home. When the bus is engaged in transporting students for extra-curricular events, or on home delivery buses following practices or extra-curricular events, these items may be used if approved by the sponsor/coach riding on the bus or the bus driver. Violation of this rule will be reported by the bus driver to the building administrator on appropriate disciplinary referral forms and be dealt with like any other bus offense.

Pets or other animals are never allowed on a school bus.

Sit down before the bus starts moving. Stay in your seat while the bus is moving. Sit in your assigned seat. (Act 1744 of 2001) As many as three (3) students may be assigned to each seat. You will probably have to share your seat with others.

Obey the instructions and directions of the driver. Students are under his/her supervision. The driver will submit a written report of all violations to the school principal.

Do not tamper with any of the safety devices on the bus door latches, fire extinguishers, warning triangles, etc.

Keep your arms, legs, feet, books, lunches, coats, and other personal belongings within the seating area and out of the aisle and windows, keeping the aisle free of all obstructions.

Do not write on the bus or damage the seats.

Do not throw paper, food, or other objects on the floor of the bus.

Do not eat or smoke on the bus.

Do not ask the driver to let you off the bus up town, at the store, at a mailbox, or any place except your regular bus stop.

Conduct yourself in a manner so that you will not distract the attention of the driver.

Do not disturb the other riders, keep your hands to yourself, leave other students alone, and be reasonably quiet to ensure the safety of everyone.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

In an emergency, students should remain calm and quiet and listen for instructions from the bus driver. If the driver is unable to conduct emergency measures, the students should follow the procedures below in leaving the bus:

If the exit is through the front door, students sitting in the front seat to the left of the aisle will move out first, followed by those in the right front seat the proceeding in this manner until all seats are emptied.

If the exit is through the rear emergency door, those students sitting next to the aisle shall leave first, beginning with those students in the rear of the bus.

If a rapid exit is necessary, and it is possible to exit from both doors, students in the rear half of the bus should move out the back door, and those in the front half should move out the front door.

In the event of an accident resulting in injury, persons injured should, if possible, be moved only under competent medical supervision.

If the bus should be overturned, students should evacuate through windows or through either door.

Upon leaving the bus, in an emergency exit, students are to move immediately off the roadway to a safe distance from traffic. They should not cross the road unless instructed by the driver.

In the event of a tornado or other natural disaster, students should follow the instructions of the bus driver regarding emergency procedures.

These regulations are not intended to cover all of the situations that might arise while riding the bus. The principal or the driver may find it necessary to interpret these regulations in regard to his or her own bus needs.

Use common sense to protect the safety of everyone at all times.

Secondary Students are to wear the badges visibly when riding daily route school buses and scheduled home delivery buses after school. Students must be able to produce it to the driver at all times. Badges may be marked, coded or encrypted to identify the student and the student’s assigned bus route. Admission to a school bus may be denied for not showing a proper ID badge and/or attempting to use a badge marked, coded or encrypted for another bus.