FOREWARD . . . .

Legally established under laws of the State of Arkansas, the corporate name of the District shall be known as the North Little Rock School District. This District operates under the control of a Board of Directors whose primary responsibility is to set direction for the school system. That direction is expressed through written policies that are the guidelines and principles that chart the course of action and establish objectives for the operation of the District.

Policies are general statements of legal positions, rights, responsibilities, duties, and intentions of the District. Since policies are designed to give direction only, they often do not include full details as to how various operations of the District are to be implemented. Those details are generally formulated by the Superintendent or other members of the administrative staff.

Policy development is a continuing process. A policy manual is never a static document; it must be consistent with the times. Therefore it is imperative that Board of Education policies be systematically reviewed, evaluated, and updated.

The 1986 policy manual was done on a typewriter. This update is a product of today’s technology—computers, scanners, faxes, and the Internet. This manual, still in print form, is located in each school. Policies can also be found on the District’s web page

The codification system developed by the Arkansas School Boards Association (ASBA) Policy Service is straightforward, easy to follow, and easy to understand. Each section has a section number followed by the number of the policy within that section. For example, Section 1 of the manual is BOARD GOVERNANCE and OPERATIONS, and policy 1.1 is Legal Status of the Board of Directors. Some policies, pertaining specifically to this District are coded with letters following the policy number. For example, policy 1.14A concerns Meetings of the NLRSD) Board. Forms used to implement certain policies are located behind the policy and are designated by the word FORM.

The model policies from ASBA are copyrighted. As a member of the Model Policy Service, the North Little Rock School District is entitled to use and distribute the policies within the District. For legal and ethical reasons, ASBA requests that the District honor the restrictions on unauthorized duplication and/or dissemination beyond the jurisdiction of the District.

Any questions pertaining to Board policies and their interpretation should be directed to the Superintendent of Schools.