Important Information for the Class of 2020

Important Information for the Class of 2020

Good Standing Defined
A senior in good standing has a passing grade in all classes necessary to complete graduation requirements, has completed any needed credit recovery courses, and has completed any needed concurrent credit courses.  A senior in good standing must have 23 credits when the third nine weeks grades are used as a semester grade and credit is awarded.

Determination of Good Standing
Each senior will be personally contacted by their Guidance Counselor and informed if they have met the criteria for Good Standing.  This conversation will be documented via email and sent with a read receipt.              

Seniors Not in Good Standing & Options during this contact:             

1.  Students who failed a required course during the third nine weeks will be enrolled in APEX credit recovery.  Credit recovery work must be complete by May 8th.

2.  Students who passed the third nine weeks but are dissatisfied with their grade may choose to continue with AMI work for the fourth nine weeks in an attempt to raise their average.  HOWEVER, if a student makes this choice, they must complete the fourth nine weeks or risk earning a failing grade.  End date for students choosing this option will be May 8th.

Seniors Who Are Enrolled in AP Courses  
Students in an AP course will be asked if they would like to continue to prepare for the exam with their AP teacher. If the student chooses to lock-in their third nine weeks grade, the AP test prep will not positively or negatively impact that grade.   Students will receive weighted credit for AP courses regardless of taking AP exams.  AP exams will be a modified version taken at home.

Concurrent Credit Classes
Since concurrent classes are for college credit, students will follow the UAPTC timeline for when a class is complete.  Any remaining balance should be paid directly to UAPTC.

Hard Copies of Transcripts
Seniors who must have a hard copy of a transcript should email Mrs. Leger to put in a request. The transcript may be picked up the following day. 

              First option-We can mail the transcript to the student.

              Second option-Pick up process.

The pickup process is as follows: 
Upon arriving at the school, a student should call 771-8107, the transcript will be delivered to the student outside the building.   Only the student whose name appears on the transcript or their designee may pick up the transcript.  If a designee is sent, the student should include this person’s name in their email request.  Anyone picking up a transcript MUST show an ID.

Final Transcripts
If the school remains closed, a google form will be sent out for seniors to complete indicating where their final transcripts should be sent.

Cap & Gown/Graduation Orders Pickup
Cap and gown and other items ordered for graduation can be picked up on Friday, April 3 in front of the arena.  It will be a curbside pick-up system so there will be no need to leave your vehicle.  Call Josten’s Customer Service at 1-800-567-8367 to pay your balance or to inquire about how much is still owed.  You may also pay in cash at the time of pick-up.

Honor stoles and honor or completer cords will be distributed at a later date.

Student Debt              
Student debt balances can be located and paid on MyPaymentsPlus.  Instructions for accessing MyPaymentsPlus can be found here. 

Items checked out through the Media Center can be verified here.  Please remember that textbooks and novels for English class have not yet been checked-in.

Senior Activities
No decisions have been made about senior activities, including graduation.  You will be emailed directly once decisions are made.