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North Little Rock Academy

North Little Rock Academy, about 5 hours ago

2019-2020 Credit Reclassification Sheet view image

North Little Rock Academy

North Little Rock Academy, about 21 hours ago

Thanksgiving Break begins November 25th and ends on November 29th. All classes will resume on December 2nd.


NLRSD, about 23 hours ago

We look forward to seeing you at "Cupcakes and Conversations" tomorrow at 6p! view image

North Little Rock Academy

North Little Rock Academy, 4 days ago

Dear Student, Parent, and/or Guardian of NLR Academy; After careful consideration, North Little Rock High School has determined that classification of students based on the number of years they have been in high school is a practice that should not continue. The practice has caused confusion on the part of both the student and their family leading to misunderstandings regarding the graduation status of credit deficient students. You are receiving this letter because you are either a student who is credit deficient based on current grade level or the parent/guardian on one. Beginning in November 2019, students whose cumulative credit total is insufficient for the grade in which they are classified, will be re-classified to the appropriate grade level. For example, if a student is currently listed as a junior but has a cumulative credit total of less than 11, that student will be re-classified as a sophomore. To be considered on-time for graduation, students must have earned the following number of credits by the end of the school year to move to the next grade classification: Sophomore – 5.5 cumulative credits Junior – 11 cumulative credits Senior – 16.5 cumulative credits After this initial correction in November 2019, grade classification will only change once a full school year has been completed.

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