Night of Honors

Congratulations to the following teachers!  The individuals listed below will represent their respective campus as the building-level Teacher of the Year.  In addition, they will be vying to become the district’s Teacher of the Year, which will be announced in April. 

CampusTeacher/Teachers of the Year
Amboy Jill Tanner
Boone Park Ulanda Ellis
CrestwoodJordan Whisnant
GlenviewKatie Drake
Indian HillsDarla Horton
LakewoodKim Douglass
Meadow Park Lydia Robinson
North Little Rock AcademyStacy Naylor
North Little Rock 
Center of Excellence
Sherah Fulton
North Little Rock
High School
Cynthia Bell
Hunter Douglass
Aaron Whitt
North Little Rock Middle School
Seventh & Eighth Grade Campus
Elizabeth Roberts
Kellie Sheffield
North Little Rock Middle School
Sixth Grade Campus
Kristen Huston
Pike View Early Childhood CenterMegan Wilson
Ridge Road Karen Moss-Newburn
Seventh StreetPam Springer