Virtual Learning Friday

The Arkansas Department of Education has approved the North Little Rock School District's plan to hold Virtual Learning Fridays.  This will begin on October 23, the first Friday of the second quarter.  This will continue through December 18, the end of the second quarter, and will be re-evaluated and communicated if we decide to continue with this initiative.

In summary, attending school on Fridays is optional.  Students enrolled in face-to-face instruction will have the option of completing assignments either in person or at home.  Virtual students will complete assignments as normal.  These assignments will be completed asynchronously, which means there will be no live instruction.  No new material will be introduced.  

Students who decide to attend school will receive their instruction and services by other personnel such as Paraprofessionals, Reach Associates, and other support staff.  

Building principals will be providing information about how Virtual Learning Friday will look for their respective campuses.  

This link takes you to the document that explains Virtual Learning Friday in detail.