Please Help Us With Drop-Off and Pick-Up

The east and west lanes will be used for both drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon by cars. Because we have many children being dropped off, cars will turn right off of Fairway and right on to Fairway. This keeps traffic flowing into and out of the school lanes to expedite the process.

In the afternoons, the east drop-off lane is used for car riders. The west lane is for school buses and daycare vans first. Once buses and daycare vans have picked up their children, cars may use this lane for pick-up as well.Avoid parking in the drop-off lanes. This impedes traffic. Our goal is to have traffic move through quickly and safely.

If you wish to walk to the school to meet your child after school, park on a side street near our location and wait outside the front of the school or across the street. Please leave a wide path outside for children to safely exit and enter the building. Before you leave with your child, be sure a duty teacher knows the student is leaving with you.

Only the doors facing Fairway are open. All pick-ups and drop-offs need to be made at this side of the building.

Thank you for your support in helping our boys and girls!