Car Drop-Off and  Pick-Up

Please help us make drop-off and dismissal safe, orderly and courteous.  All traffic needs to turn right to enter and exit the school drop-off lanes. We will open the door at 7:20 each morning. This means that we have staff on duty to monitor your child. Dropping off before the door is open for children in grades K-5 means that your child is unsupervised .

Be patient in the car lines. The line begins on Fairway. Using the church driveway or other streets to "cut in front" of others is not kind courteous behavior. Turning left into the lane is a traffic violation which can result in a traffic ticket.  Also be very mindful of the crosswalk on Fairway. We have many walkers - especially in the afternoon.

In the mornings, K-2 children use the front door to enter the school, and those children can be dropped off in the west lane. 3-5 children use the side entrance and can be dropped off in the east lane. In the afternoons, all children exit the front door so please pull into the shortest line to keep traffic moving.

Thank you for helping us keep our children safe and being considerate to others!