Lakewood School Garden Launch

Lakewood Elementary School, in partnership with AfterCare Express at Lakewood United Methodist Church, is excited to announce the launch of the Lakewood Elementary School Garden. In addition to providing students with hands-on experience with growing fruits and vegetables, the garden will serve as and outdoor classroom where teachers can expand their lessons in subjects such as science, technology engineering, arts and math.

The garden will begin as three raised beds near the front of the school and expand across the campus as support from the community allows. If you would like to support the launch of the Lakewood Elementary School Garden, we are in need of the following support:

 - volunteers with green-thumbs interested in teaching children to garden 

 - volunteers with heavy backs to do the heavy things

 - volunteers to help beautify our space

 - landscape for future growth

 - financial support and sponsors

If you are interested in providing any of the above support or learning more about other opportunities for the Lakewood Elementary School Garden, please email or call Ms. Karen Pounders at