In an effort to enhance safety, the North Little Rock School District has implemented the
Raptor Visitor and Volunteer Management System. Raptor is an online management system
that ensures safety by reading a visitor’s drivers license or other approved ID and alerts
school officials if there are concerns regarding the visitor that hopes to enter our buildings.

Each campus has received training to safely welcome visitors, volunteers, and mentors into
our buildings using Raptor.

Please see our definitions for a visitor, a volunteer, and a mentor:

● A visitor is one who visits the school and is escorted to their destination by a school
or district employee. The visitor must adhere to our procedures using Raptor by
providing an approved picture ID. An example of a visitor is a parent meeting with a
teacher or a parent having lunch with their student

● A volunteer is one who has contact with students within the presence of a school or
district employee or is assigned duties that may not directly involve students. The
volunteer is required to complete the NLRSD Volunteer Application that supports the
required background check.
An example of a volunteer is a PTA member or a
classroom parent

● An NLRSD Charging U.P. Adult-Youth Mentor is someone who has direct contact
with students outside of the presence of a school or district employee or who is
assigned duties such as tutoring, field trip chaperone, coaching, or a long-term
mentoring assignment.
The mentor is required to complete our NLRSD Volunteer
Application that supports the required background chec

Our Volunteer Application Form is now electronic and can be accessed at this link. No paper forms from previous years will be accepted. Ms. Crystal Barker, Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator, will communicate with schools and the volunteer/mentor as it relates to

These are the accepted forms of ID for visitors to provide schools before entering the

● State-issued Drivers License
● State ID card
● City of North Little Rock ID card (These cards are available to any resident of North Little Rock. Please visit Seis Puentes, located 4202 Camp Robinson Road for more information.)

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Parent & Family Engagement by email at or by phone at (501) 771-8013 or (501) 607-7423.