Tutoring Details


Any student 9th through 12th grade is eligible to attend.  Students can be referred by staff, parents/guardians, or self. 


After school tutoring by academic-area certified teachers


Beginning September 19th, tutoring will be every Tuesday and Thursday after school from 4:00-5:30


Through October 10th: High School Cafeteria

After October 10th: High School Media Center

*Freshman students will report to these areas and then will proceed to Mrs. Bacon’s room (D213) for English and Mr. Dyson (D208) for Math.


The after school tutoring is intended to allow 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students an opportunity to receive services for academic areas for which they may be struggling. 


If you are not able to pick up your child at 5:30, there will be an activity bus to provide transportation.  Students will be dropped off at the elementary school that is closest to their residence.