Graduation Cap


Non-denominational religious service on May 13 at 6:00 pm in the Auditorium - arrive by 5:30 in cap and gown in the cafeteria

Graduation Notes

Practice begins at 9 a.m. YOU WILL GET LOCKED OUT IF YOU ARE LATE!!  If you need transportation to Verizon, there will be a bus leaving from behind Tower D at 8:30 a.m. You enter the arena through the Washington Street/Ticket Booth entrance. You do not need your cap and gown for graduation practice.

Graduation practice could take as long as 3 hours. It usually does not but do not make morning plans. The only seniors excused from Graduation Practice are those scheduled to take an AP OR IB exam that morning.

Dress code for graduation:  

Gentlemen:  Shirt with a collar and a tie (bow ties are acceptable); dress pants (neutral color), dress shoes

Ladies:  Dress (not longer than gown) or dress pants, smallish  earrings, low heels or flats; no boots


If you choose to wear heels to graduation, please bring them to practice. The floor is VERY slippery and you are walking quite a bit. If you are unable to walk in your shoes the evening of graduation, you WILL be PULLED from the line.

Please keep your hairstyle in mind for Graduation. You must be able to wear your cap where the mortar board (top) is FLAT, not tilted or angled. Your tassel should be on the right. If the tassel is lost, it costs $10 to replace.  

You may not decorate the top of your Graduation cap.

  • If meeting the dress code  is a problem PLEASE see your assistant principal, counselor, Mrs. Rogers (A222), Ms. Taylor (B235), or Mrs. Leger (Main Guidance Center) for assistance!  We want everyone to look their best!

Ladies - please discard the white collar that came with your gown!

Be cautious when ironing!  The gown will melt unless you use a “press cloth” between the iron and gown.  You can also let the wrinkles steam out by hanging it in the bathroom. 

There is no place to leave items at Verizon! Do not bring purses, backpacks, etc. WE CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR “STUFF”

The only items that may be worn with the graduation gown are the honor and/or IB stole, cords given through the school, and Arkansas Scholar medals.  Honor graduates will not be determined until just prior to graduation.

You must be at Verizon Arena by 6:00 p.m. with cap, gown, and tassel the evening of graduation!!!  DRESSED APPROPRIATELY!

Final Transcripts

Sign-up and pay in Mrs. Anderson's office in the main Guidance Center. Final transcripts will not be ready until early June and will be mailed to the college indicated on the sheet.  If you change colleges, you will need to let Mrs. Anderson know.