Glenview PTA New Officer Search

Glenview PTA New Officer Search


Available Positions


1st Vice President

2nd Vice President




Each Elected Board Position Nominee:

  • Must be a PTA member who consents to serve in the position
  • Must be enthusiastic and supportive of PTA and understand the time and responsibilities involved
  • Must believe in the basic policies and purposes on the PTA
  • Must be fair and objective and concerned for the best interests of PTA
  • Should have experience in PTA, although other organizational work may be considered
  • Should have knowledge of the organization and its role in the school and in the community
  • Should be willing to give PTA a priority commitment, including attendance at meetings
  • Should be able to work well with people


If you are interested in any of these positions please contact Glenview Elementary, Principal Takecia Campbell at 501-955-3630 or Your name and interest in a position will be forwarded to the nomination committee.

Deadline for nominees is March 19, 2018