Greetings to my new Crestwood family!


I am Brent Miller and to say I’m excited to the new principal at Crestwood would be an understatement! I have been a teacher and administrator at both the elementary and middle school in Pocahontas. This past year I was able to work with the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE). While I enjoyed my time at ADE fondly, I knew I had to be back with students because they are my heart. I believe in the value of education and have witnessed firsthand the impact it can have on a students’ life. My third grade teacher was Mrs. Joann Hightower. A small, feisty woman who, at the age of nine, I thought was about eighty years old. However, she is still alive and well today, so I guess my assessment of her age was incorrect. I remember that everyday Mrs. Hightower smiled relentlessly, hugged often, and cared without restraint. Yes, we learned many new skills as well, but to this day, when Mrs. Hightower sees me at Wal-Mart (where you see everyone in Pocahontas, Arkansas) she hugs me and says, “You were one of mine and I am proud of you.” Mrs. Hightower taught me many things, but above all else she taught me to be an educator who cares about students relentlessly and is joyful always.

  “Find me someone who settles for average in teaching and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t understand the magnitude of the mission. If you remember to bring your why to the work every day, you’ll inevitably bring your best self to work as well. Your why will sustain and fuel you.”

  The above quote is one that has resonated with me for some time now. I share it often and use it as a vehicle to motivate teachers and remind myself how important it is that we keep our focus. As I met the staff last week, they went around the room, introduced themselves, and shared their ‘why.’ More than once I got chills and even fought back tears as I listened to them exude a passion for teaching and a passion for Crestwood. There are lots of Mrs. Hightowers at Crestwood and that excites me more than words can fully express. I look forward to joining the team and simply being there to support our students, teachers, parents, and community as we partner together to ensure that each students’ needs are met each day. I cannot wait to begin my role as principal and I cannot wait to be a champion for Crestwood!