The NLRMS Seventh and Eighth Grade campus ONLY has been given the opportunity to pilot a program. Our nurse will be able to test for flu and strep in the school health room if a student/staff presents certain symptoms of an illness while at school. NO STUDENT WILL BE TESTED WITHOUT A SIGNED CONSENT FORM ON FILE. The test only requires that a nasal swab be taken and sent to the laboratory.  The results of the test will be sent back to the school nurse usually within thirty-six to forty-eight (36-48) business hours of the lab's receiving the sample (most often within the same day) and the school will provide a copy of the results to the parent. No payment for the test will be required at the time of testing. The student’s insurance will be billed and no financial hardship with be placed on the student/family for this testing. In the absence of the nurse, a test will not be performed; however, a parent of the student with fever will be contacted to go home.

Consent Form