The North Little Rock School District Early Childhood Program is committed to the exploration and implementation of a Reggio-inspired approach to teaching and learning. This approach focuses on the image of the child, the role of the environment, a child-centered curriculum, collaboration, documentation, professional development, and partnerships with parents and the community. We are also inspired by the work of Alise Shafer-Ivey and the teachers at Evergreen Community School in Santa Monica, California.Evergreen Community School’s philosophy is based primarily on social constructivist theory.

We believe knowledge is constructed by the learner internally rather than being imported from an external source. Accordingly, our environment is designed to inspire and encourage children to freely manipulate objects and ideas. The classrooms, school garden, animal room, mud kitchen, music station, recycling center and more at Pike View Early Childhood Center offer children opportunities for authentic experiences/tasks in meaningful context rather than abstract instruction out of context. Teachers stimulate and scaffold children's thinking/learning by challenging their theories, offering additional material resources, modeling reflection, and asking children to elaborate their understandings.

“The wider range of possibilities we offer children, the more intense will be their motivations and the richer their experiences.” Loris Malaguzzi