We have 25 Dyslexia Interventionists serving K-12 students.  They all have been trained in the Wilson Reading System.

  • Of those 25, we have 11 interventionists certified in Wilson Reading System Level 1 Practicum. This practicum is a year long intense training for certification.
  • The expectation is to train more interventionists in the near future.
  • The North Little Rock School District has purchased over $25,000.00 of materials and training for dyslexia interventionists and students with characteristics of dyslexia for the 20-21 school year.
  • Wilson Reading System aligns with the core curriculum being implemented for K-8.
  • Interventionists are collaborating together to create lessons, and to provide interventions with fidelity whether students are at school or virtual. 

*Act 1039 of Reporting by the School District Information

(Source:  Explore1in5.Org)

Wilson Reading System

Wilson Reading System is a structured literacy program based on phonological-coding research and Orton-Gillingham principles. Wilson Reading System directly and systematically teaches the structure of the English Language. The Wilson Reading System aligns with guidelines from the International Dyslexia Association, which recommends that students with dyslexia receive:

  • Explicit, direct, cumulative, intensive, and focused instruction on the structure of language;
  • Multisensory learning using visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways to enhance memory and learning of written language; and
  • Consistent links made between the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways in learning to read and spell. (International Dyslexia Association, 2008)

Dyslexia Specialists in the North Little Rock School District
(They are housed at Central Office.)

Gretchen McCoymccoyg@nlrsd.org
Pearce Peacockpeacockp@nlrsd.org
Amanda Powellpowella@nlrsd.org

Dyslexia Interventionists in the North Little Rock School District

SchoolInterventionist's NameEmail Address
AmboyLeslie Stacystacyl@nlrsd.org
AmboyStefanie Arnoldarnoldst@nlrsd.org
Boone ParkDonnie Skinnerskinnera@nlrsd.org
Boone ParkShelly Smithsmithshel@nlrsd.org
CrestwoodMichelle Dorseydorseym@nlrsd.org
CrestwoodTammy Robertsrobertst@nlrsd.org
GlenviewJennifer Fletcherfletcherj@nlrsd.org
GlenviewShari Runnellsrunnellss@nlrsd.org
Indian HillsHarriet Poolpoolh@nlrsd.org
Indian HillsEmily Stadtherstadthere@nlrsd.org
Lakewood Sandra Bryantbryants@nlrsd.org
Lakewood Elaine Burton burtone@nlrsd.org
Meadow Park Coleman, Jennifercolemanj@nlrsd.org
Meadow Park Ashley Eatoneatona@nlrsd.org
North Little Rock Academy Amber Mooremooream@nlrsd.org
North Little Rock High SchoolElizabeth Bartlettbartlettc@nlrsd.org
North Little Rock High School Joan Holbertholbertj@nlrsd.org
NLRMS 6Kara Dilliedilliek@nlrsd.org
NLRMS 6Abby Nicholsnicholsa@nlrsd.org
NLRMS 7/8Rhonda Eubankseubanksr@nlrsd.org
NLRMS 7/8Kristie Edwardsedwardsk@nlrsd.org
Ridge RoadMichelle Baggettbaggettm@nlrsd.org
Ridge RoadDeedra Leeleed@nlrsd.org
Seventh StreetPam Hart-Strasslestrasslep@nlrsd.org
Seventh StreetCourtney Bowiebowieco@nlrsd.org