The North Little Rock School District is one of multiple school districts in the state that has been approved to provide students with Alternative Methods of Instruction, or AMI, in the event the Superintendent cancels school for emergency circumstances, including inclement weather. Act 862 of 2017 allows the Commissioner of Education to grant "up to the equivalent of 10 student attendance days" for districts with approved lesson plans for AMI.

The North Little Rock School District fully complies with state law. When AMI is activated, the assignments have to be completed and returned within 5 days after students return to school. Failure to return work will result in the student's being marked absent for the inclement weather day.

Please contact school administration with any questions regarding assignments.

Información general de AMI

Assignments for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade:

Pre-K (English)

Pre-K (Spanish)


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Middle School Students:

Complete assignments on the Summit Learning Platform. 

High School Students:

Assignments will be available on Google Classroom by noon on the day of inclement weather (AMI day).   AMI work must be submitted to teachers within 5 school days beginning the day school is back in session.*  Students who do not submit the AMI work by the deadline will receive unexcused absence(s) for the inclement weather day(s) and no credit will be given for the AMI work.  Teachers will submit a list of students who did not complete the AMI assignment(s) to the Attendance Office on the 6th day school is back in section.

For students without Google Classroom or Internet access, a hard copy of the assignment will be available upon return to school.

*Adjustments to the length of time given to complete AMI assignments will be considered if the consecutive number of days exceeds five.