Luke King, Member

Zone 7 map

Term expires September 2018

Family:  Wife-Jordan – Audiologist, Arkansas Children’s Hospital; 
Children- Georgia Grace

Occupation: Investment Portfolio Manager, Bank of the Ozarks

Strengths of the North Little Rock School District

  • Passionate and dedicated teachers, administrators and staff working hard to improve education in North Little Rock
  • A strong community that is invested in the District and always ready to provide support
  • An established tradition and pride that carries on in our students and community

Needed improvements in the North Little Rock School District

  • A comprehensive upgrade to school facilities throughout the District
  • Improved communications between the District and its stakeholders, including students, parents, teachers and local government
  • Continue to develop innovative and flexible programs that create a competitive advantage for any student that comes through our schools
  • Create an environment that can help attract, and retain, high quality teachers and provides the support they need to achieve the highest level of success

What I offer the district

  • A strong desire to serve this community based on the pride of being a graduate of NLRSD and a life-long resident in the City
  • Leadership experience in my professional career and non-profit service
  • Business background covering budgeting, accounting and finance
  • Commitment to communication with parents, students, teachers and the community as a whole
  • Vested interest in the long-term success of this District